Picture Gallery

Here is a mix of funny, cute and personal pictures of our cats. All cats might not be presented here. If you would like to look at individual pictures of a specific cat please enter the specific cats own page under "Our Cats".

The most recent pictures will be placed on top.

Perhaps your name should have been "Timon" instead :-)

Ok, I want to play - but, too tired now :-) (Balozi)

A spider! I'll take it! - NO, I will take it
(Chinara and Chengo hunting)

Chinara has a new best friend that gives her all the attention she wants :-)

Adena loves to get petted.

Got you at last! (Chinara 7 w. - Snow Sokoke)

Athena is checking out the garden.

Playing with Jesper is super fun! (Bahiya)

Ahhhh!!! How wonderful to be petted!!! (Adena)

WOW - What a view!!!d (Abasi)

We love it when someone plays with us!
(Litter A and Athena)

Don't worry, I'll catch it for you! (Azalee)

Peek-A-Boo (Anansi)

Guess who's who? (Litter A)

Oh - I'm sooo tired! (Pasi)

What an adorable little kitten!!! (a kitten from litter A)